MLL Digital Programme

MIMS Learning Live Digital Programme


MIMS Learning Live Digital returns in November, offering a broad selection of key clinical learning across 5 evenings, worth 5+ CPD.

Monday 9 November 

LIVE Q&A – Optimising cancer diagnosis in primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic

The MIMS Learning Live series kicks off with a live discussion between GP Dr Farzana Hussain and Professor Willie Hamilton on spotting symptoms and ensuring access to investigations and cancer care.

Professor Willie Hamilton, Professor of primary care diagnostics, University of Exeter

Dr Farzana Hussain, GP principal, Project Surgery


LIVE Q&A – PSA: best practice and diagnostic pathway

This session will provide a brief overview of the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway and the procedures for managing raised PSA. This session will also address the significant reduction in referrals for urological cancers and explore how we can work together with primary care to increase referrals for suspected prostate cancer.

Professor Mike Kirby, Editor, Trends in Urology & Men’s Health

Tuesday 10 November

LIVE Q&A – Assessing patients at risk of osteoporosis 

In this webinar, Dr Louise Warburton identifies at-risk patient groups outlines risk assessment tools and provides guidance on calculating fracture risk.

Dr Louise Warburton, clinical lead for Telford MSK Service (TEMS), associate medical director, Shropshire Community NHS Trust, and honorary senior lecturer, Keele University


Nutritional challenges in COPD

This session will explore the issues and interventions to optimise outcomes through a case study

Dr Anne Holdoway, consultant dietitian

Professor Tom Wilkinson, professor of respiratory medicine and honorary consultant, University of Southampton

Wednesday 11 November

Living well with asthma

Using a case study this session will cover:

  • Diagnosis
  • Guidelines
  • Personalising Treatment

Jane Scullion, Respiratory nurse consultant

Thursday 12 November

Differential diagnosis of skin lesions

In this session Dr Catherine Borysiewicz will highlight the importance of UV, its risks and how to protect skin using appropriate sunscreens highlighting the difference in their SPF and UVA protection.

After completing this session, Healthcare Professionals will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of each sunlight radiation ranging from UV to visible light on the skin
  • Understand the importance to educate patients on skin protection and when to see a GP using the ABCD rule
  • Differentiate between common skin lesions and when to refer
  • Learn the current practice during pandemic in managing referred skin lesions

Dr Catherine BorysiewiczConsultant Dermatologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

More details will be confirmed shortly.

Friday 13 November

7:30-8:30 pm

LIVE Q&A – Five common questions from parents about cow’s milk allergy

This session explores the common questions from parents about cow’s milk allergy in infants:

  • how to continue breastfeeding with CMA
  • identifying lactose intolerance vs CMA and common infant feeding problems such as colic, constipation and reflux
  • eczema management and confirming the CMA diagnosis
  • outgrowing the allergy
  • whether there is a place for probiotics

Rachel Wood, specialist paediatric dietitian in gastroenterology and intestinal failure

Webinars from the MIMS Learning Live Digital event in November 2020 are now available on MIMS Learning. The webinars give you the fantastic MIMS Learning Live experience from home, with passionate speakers delivering talks on areas relevant to your everyday practice.

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