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For over 170 years Thuasne has been developing innovative medical devices designed to enable patient mobility and well-being. Worldwide, a Thuasne orthotic is sold every two seconds. In the UK, Thuasne has been a supplier to the NHS for over 25 years, working closely with multi-disciplinary healthcare teams to provide specialist orthotic, lymphology and breast care products.

The Thuasne ActionReliever osteoarthritis knee brace
The ActionReliever is a knee brace with an off-loading action that utilises straps to create a dynamic three-point pressure system that is clinically proven to reduce osteoarthritis pain in the knee joints.

The ActionReliever is available for both medial and lateral unicompartmental osteoarthritis, and its anatomically shaped straps are self-oriented and adjustable. ActionReliever is slim and discreet under clothing and stays comfortable all day.

Following NICE recommendations for osteoarthritis, the Thuasne ActionReliever osteoarthritis knee brace is now available on prescription. Please get in touch to find out more.

T: +44 (0)1892 481 620