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June 2021

Monday 7 June
Health inequalities in primary care

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on health inequalities in the UK. This session will discuss health inequalities, and provide practical suggestions for ways in which GPs and other healthcare professionals can tackle health inequalities within their local communities. Speaker Dr Carey Lunan is chair of the Scottish Deep End project and a GP partner in one of Scotland’s most socio-economically deprived communities. She will be joined by Dr Hina Shahid, GP and Chair of the Muslim Doctors Association.

Ovarian Cancer red flag symptoms – how to spot them and what to do

Dr Barber will discuss NICE guidance for investigating new onset symptoms of ovarian cancer, and the usefulness of CA125 as a diagnostic test. She will take a deep-dive into diagnostic pitfalls, covering why a new diagnosis of IBS in the over 50s and repeat UTI should be diagnosed with caution; her presentation will consider risk and prevention factors associated with ovarian cancer including family history, HRT and oral contraceptives.

Tuesday 8 June
Practical Solutions When You Suspect Non-IgE Mediated CMPA
  • Signs and symptoms of CMA, including IgE vs non-IgE, mediated reactions and overview of key guidelines
  • Understand the management options, including advice on breastfeeding, exclusion diets and formula milk options.
  • Common questions that parents may ask e.g. use of pre/pro/synbiotics and managing more persistent symptoms such as constipation/reflux
  • How to handle common challenges faced by parents in the management of non IgE CMA and when to refer to dietetics
Teledermatology: The future of consultations has arrived

In this session attendees will learn about the evolution of teleconsultation and its impact during COVID-19, focusing mainly on teledermatology and sharing the different applications available in the market and which ones have been approved by the NHS. Dr Shergill will also share his expertise in one of these applications and what advantages it can provide to both doctors and patients. Dr Shergill will also address the key issues that can be faced by doctors using these technologies and how they can be addressed.

Wednesday 9 June
The Essential Knowledge for Managing Asthma in Clinical Practice

This session contains promotion and is sponsored by Chiesi

During this session Dr Omar Usmani will be discussing the following topics: patient pathway in current guidelines, lessons from NRAD, challenges with inhaler devices, small airways, current treatments in asthma, and inhalers and the environment
Treating allergic rhinitis appropriately in primary care

This session contains promotional content and is sponsored by Viatris

Join Professor Hopkins to review the appropriate management of allergic rhinitis in primary care, understand why control of symptoms is key for patients, consider what advice to offer, as well as who and when to refer.

NON-2021-1477  Date of preparation: June 2021

Thursday 10 June
LDL cholesterol management: what more can be done?

This session includes promotional content and is sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd

  • Current approaches and ongoing unmet needs in lipid control
  • The role of a new LDL-C-lowering therapy in lipid management
  • Interactive Q&A
Pension age discrimination: What does the McCloud judgement mean for you?

This webinar is designed for medical professionals to improve your understanding of the NHS Pension and Pension Age Discrimination (sometimes referred to as the McCloud judgment) and how this could impact your future. It will be hosted by a Wesleyan Financial Services Consultant. Key areas covered in the webinar will include:

NHS Pension:

  • The variety of options available to you NHS Pension Scheme considerations and in particular, the impact of retiring early
  • Tax implications and associated points
  • How you begin planning for your own retirement and the key considerations to secure your financial future

McCloud Judgement: 

  • Background to the webinar
  • Who is affected
  • What is being proposed
  • Our approach
  • Planning ahead
  • Take away points
  • Next steps
Monday 19 April
Hot topics in mental health (featuring live Q&A​)

This session will cover:

  • Young people’s mental health

We have seen the overwhelming pressure the pandemic has had on young people’s mental health. Dr Marian Davis, GP in Herefordshire with a longstanding interest in adolescent health, will provide insights on how to best support this group during the pandemic.

  • Healthcare professionals’ wellbeing

Clinicians in every healthcare setting have faced new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, without having had much time to decompress and recharge. Dr Peter Ilves, training director at 4 Mental Health, provides insights into maintaining your own emotional resilience and wellbeing during 2021 and beyond.

Tuesday 20 April
How well will the NHS Pension Scheme provide for your future?

Wesleyan Financial Services are hosting a webinar on the NHS Pension Scheme, designed to guide you through what are often complex areas, including: 

  • Membership types and pension sections
  • Increasing your NHS pension benefits
  • Alternative ways of saving for retirement
  • Key Scheme benefits
  • Covid-19 related changes
  • Next steps

The webinar should last around 30 to 45 minutes, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. CPD certificates can also be supplied, if required. Please follow the URL link to book a no obligation financial review with one of our Financial Consultants, to discuss your personal circumstances in more depth. 

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Wednesday 21 April
Evolving Developments in The Management of Asthma

(this session contains promotion)

  • New developments in asthma management
  • Small airways disease in asthma
  • Inhalers and the environment
Thursday 22 April
Allergic skin conditions managed in Primary Care
  • Mechanism of different types of allergies
  • Different Types of Eczema and their characteristics & their effects on Quality of Life
  • Primary Care when to treat and refer
  • Learning through real life case studies