Dr Angelika Razzaque

Salaried GP, GPSI, Associate Specialist Dermatology, Amersham Vale Practice, OHL Community Dermatology, Kings College Hospital

Dr Razzaque is a salaried GP in SE London. She leads the One Health Lewisham Community Dermatology Clinic and is an Associate Specialist at Kings College Hospital. She is an Executive Committee Member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS) and a member of the Advisory Board of the National Eczema Society (NES).

Dr Razzaque has been involved in Dermatology related publications for national journals like Pulse and more recent in a submission to the British Journal of Dermatology.  She lectures at national and regional events on various topics with emphasis on common dermatology presentations in Primary Care. Her passion lies in improving care for patients with skin disease and in that she has been invited to roundtable discussions at Parliament, with NHSE and other stakeholders involved in providing, commissioning or supporting dermatology pathways.

Her mantra 'skin matters' led to a collaborative approach to redesigning dermatology pathways in SE London.