Professor Carolyn Chew-Graham

Professor of General Practice Research, Keele University, General Practitioner, Manchester

Chew-Graham is a GP in Manchester and Professor of General Practice Research at Keele University. Her areas of interest and expertise include the primary care management of people with mental health problems, multiple health conditions and unexplained symptoms; and the mental health and wellbeing of clinicians. 

She led a qualitative study in summer 2020 exploring the perspectives of people who had prolonged symptoms and acute COVID-19 infection (Long Covid), which was the first published study reporting narratives of people living with Long Covid. She continues to conduct research in this area. Patient and Public Involvement is key to all her research. 

She chairs the RCGP ‘Research Paper of the Year’ panel. She will be presenting the RCGP James McKenzie Lecture on 16 th Nov 2023.