Dr Peter Ilves

SpecialityTraining director, 4 Mental Health

In his current as training director he supports the management of a team of trainers. He is also the lead master trainer delivering Connecting with People programmes in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, South Australia and Tasmania. As a longstanding master trainer he leads Train The Trainer programmes, develops new master trainers and reaccredits existing trainers whilst supporting updates and new developments for 4 Mental Health. Through these programmes he delivers training in suicide and self-harm mitigation to compassion at work and emotional resilience and including the compassion led assessment and mitigation framework, SAFEToolTM.

Dr Peter Ilves is a retired General Practitioner (GP) with many years of experience, primarily in inner city practices. He was a sole trader for 8 years years. In Wandsworth, south west London he was a GP board member on the Clinical Commissioning Group and Health and Wellbeing Boards which gave him experience in service design, pathway development and public engagement. In this role he was specifically involved in various elements of mental health commissioning locally and more widely. He led on social prescribing and self-management developments to include the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub, a centre for accessing the charity and voluntary sector (NGOS). As a GP he was an appraiser, GP trainer and medical student educator. Some years ago he was a Neuro Linguistic Programming and LifeCoaching trainer. Peter also experienced working with digital online mental health services whilst with Big White Wall.