CHEC is one of the UK’s leading providers of community healthcare. For more than a decade, CHEC has been working in partnership with the NHS to increase patient choice and provide access to timely care and treatment locally. Through its 20+ community hospitals nationwide, CHEC makes specialist eyecare and gastroenterology services more readily accessible in local communities by offering patients greater flexibility and reduced waiting times. In 2022/23, CHEC consulted over 335,000 patients, with an average referral to treatment time less than four weeks. With 20+ hospitals nationwide, CHEC works in partnership Optometrist Practices and GP’s to offer patients equitable access to eyecare and gastroenterology services closer to home. In 2022, CHEC opened the doors of its first specialist endoscopy suite. Now operational in eight of its 20+ hospital sites around the country, CHEC continues to expand its community-based offering of vital healthcare gastroenterology services to its patients.